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Oak Infusion Spiral® Questions

How do I use my Oak Infusion Spiral®?

Easy. Simply add one spiral to any standard grade white whiskey, rum or tequila and reseal. You will start noticing a change in color in just a few days. At one week of aging, sample your spirit and continue until the desired flavor is achieved. After two weeks, full extraction is achieved. Leaving the spiral in the bottle after that is just fine, but will not impart any additional color or flavor.

Are Oak Infusion Spirals proven?

Very much so. Not only has the design been around for years, it’s been used by many top distilleries, wineries, and breweries. (Tech Sheet PDF)

How is the flavor extracted so much faster as compared to barrels and other Oak alternatives?

Liquids penetrate wood eight times faster when exposed to the end grain (which is maximized in our patented spiral design) of the wood versus the side grain, like barrels and other oak alternatives.

How are the Infusion Spirals toasted?

We use state-of-the-art convection ovens for consistency and uniformity. Temperature and length of toasting are continuously monitored to ensure consistency of every batch.

How are the Infusion Spirals® charred?

Our charred spiral is a product of our custom, conveyor charring machine that uniformly and consistently chars the spiral and immediately extinguishes the flame.

How long does it take to get the Oak Spirals?

Our products are shipped from stock, packaged in sealed plastic bags for freshness, and usually arrive in four business days by ground transport from our Minnesota facility.

Can the Infusion Spiral be reused?

No, after two weeks all Oak flavor is extracted. But they are great in a grill or smoker once you’ve completed your bottle aging.

How is your wood sourced?

All of our wood is sustainably and responsibly sourced in the US and FSC certified. Much of our American White Oak is sourced from Northern Missouri, and Minnesota. As one of the leading cooperates in the US, our company has it’s roots in the lumber business (over 100 years of experience), so you can rest assured that your spirals deliver quality, consistency and repeatability in every batch.